Why Kazakhstan Should be on Your Bucket List


You might not have heard of Kazakhstan yet, but this country has a lot to offer. Its uniqueness and many facets will make you easily embrace this central Asian country. It might not be among the top tourist destinations, but it’s still worth the shot. Here’s why.

You won’t bump into tourists easily

Since Kazakhstan is a huge country without too many tourists, it’s easy to avoid crowded places. You will also avoid tourists who can’t stop talking loudly and taking pictures everywhere. You can even visit walking trails, rivers, and other places where you won’t meet a lot of people. These are stunning sites that mostly locals enjoy and you get the chance to experience them too.

It’s a multicultural country

multicultural country

You might wonder why Kazakhs look different from each other. It’s mainly due to the 126 ethnic groups that comprise the population. Each one has something different to offer and for you to learn from. You can also discover the sad reason behind the decline of Kazakh’s population in the past. It’s a walk down the memory lane that is worth learning from.

Kazakhstan’s landscape is amazing

It’s easy to conclude that Kazakhstan is nothing but a huge desert, but it’s not. There’s more to it than what you might normally see if you search more of the country online. It also has lakes, canyons, mountains, and steppes. Since it’s not a popular tourist destination, most of these places are unspoiled.

You don’t know much about the country

Some people are worried about visiting places they know nothing about. However, it can also be a positive thing. Since you have a limited idea of the country, it allows you to visit the places without prejudice. You can also enjoy every aspect of your trip since everything is new to you. You can get lost in the city and appreciate the architecture and other stunning views. You can also try visiting souvenir shops and learn crafts.

The locals are hospitable

You might think that the locals aren’t welcoming. Sure, they’re not the most fun-loving people, but they love to know foreigners like you. While English isn’t widely spoken, you can still try to have small talks. You will learn more about these people’s stories.

You can try exquisite dishes at affordable costs

Again, Kazakhstan is a multicultural country. It is reflected on their dishes. Apart from Central Asian influence, some places offer foods with Japanese, Chinese, and Indian flavors. It’s an explosion of unique taste when you try eating in local restaurants.

Hopefully, you give Kazakhstan a shot. These are only some reasons to entice you to go there, and you will most likely find more reasons as you start walking around. It’s also a safe country to visit, contrary to what others think. There are also direct and connecting flights available. Arranging a trip won’t be a problem. You don’t even need a tour guide, especially if you want to discover the country on your own.

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