Dealing with Your Ex on a Group Trip

Traveling with Ex-Partner

The problem when you have a relationship with someone you were friends with is that even if you break up, you will always meet each other. You share the same sets of friends, and there’s a good chance for you to always cross paths. Therefore, before you decide to have a relationship with a friend, you have to think about the consequences if that relationship will be over. 

If your friends invited you on a trip and your ex will be there, it would be awkward. You can decline the invitation, but you can’t always say no. Your friends might feel bad that you don’t go out with them anymore just because of your ex. If you decided to go, these are the tips to help you deal with the awkwardness

Resolve your issues

You can’t go out with a group if you still have serious issues. If your relationship didn’t have a closure, it would put both of you down during the trip. Make sure that you spend time to talk to each other before the scheduled trip. If you can’t reconcile, you can at least agree not to bring up any issue that will hurt and embarrass both of you in front of your friends. 

Find someone to always go with you 

In a big group, there will always be someone whom you’re closest with. Make sure that person joins the trip. It will be easier for you to run away from your ex when you have someone to talk to. You won’t look terrible being alone too. 

Pretend everything is normal

Before you entered a relationship, you were friends. You can always bring back those times when you were still close as friends. You talk about normal things. You laugh during crazy moments and many others. It’s not too difficult to do. Besides, you joined the trip to have fun and not to discuss the bitter end of your relationship. 

Enjoy the entire trip

Enjoy the entire trip

Imagine if it was a regular trip and you were alone. If there are things you planned to do, you have to do them. For sure, you won’t have to go out with your friends all the time. You can use your “alone” time to visit places on your list or go shopping. Don’t let your ex’s presence affect your experience. You have to enjoy the trip like you normally would. 

Have a private moment 

If you had a big hole in your relationship that you are yet to fix, perhaps, now is the right time to talk about it. However, you can only do so if you’re ready and your heart is in the right place. There’s no need to forgive each other or be friends again. The goal is to express how you feel especially after what happened in the past. You will still have more chances to see each other on a trip, so you have to talk. It can’t always be awkward between the two of you.

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