How to Deal With Travel Dizziness

Travel Dizziness

You’re always excited to get out of your house and travel. However, you also hate the idea of constantly moving. It makes you feel dizzy. You have no choice since it’s part of the trip. Regardless of your chosen mode of transportation, there’s an excellent chance you will get dizzy. These tips will help you deal with the problem.

Take motion sickness medicines before traveling

You have to prepare yourself for the trip. Taking anti-motion sickness meds will help. Make sure you take them at least an hour before your trip. It takes a while before you feel the effects. Don’t expect things to be better when you only take one as you’re about to start the trip.

Get plenty of air

Get plenty of air

When you’re driving a car or you’re a passenger, you need plenty of air. Roll the window down whenever possible. You may also stop and breathe fresh air. It helps with your blood circulation. Motion sickness isn’t only caused by constant movements. Poor circulation and lack of oxygen in the blood may also lead to these problems.

Avoid experiences that will lead to motion sickness

There’s nothing you can do to prevent feeling dizzy when riding a boat, car, plane, or bus. You have to take any of these vehicles to move from one place to another. However, there are other options that you don’t have to take. For instance, there’s no need to go on a speed boat when there are alternatives. You don’t need to ride a roller coaster if it will only worsen how you feel. Waves and bumps will only make you feel dizzier.

Don’t read while on a moving vehicle

Some people have no issues with reading when riding a moving vehicle. Others don’t feel the same. If you feel uncomfortable doing it, you shouldn’t. Reading will force you to stare at a specific point and it will make you feel terrible. Wait until the vehicle stops before checking your phone or reading a book.

Lie down when you feel sick

When your body no longer feels good and everything seems moving in circles, lie down. Close your eyes and stabilize your body first before getting up again. Drink a glass of water since you might also be dehydrated. Don’t force yourself to keep going when you no longer feel well. Don’t prove to anyone that you’re still capable of moving forward when your body says no.

Avoid eating heavy

If possible, don’t eat anything before your trip. If you will be on the plane for hours, limit your intake. Fill your stomach with water and trick yourself that you’re full even if you haven’t eaten anything. You can make it up later once you’ve stopped traveling.

Consult your doctor

If you always feel dizzy with the slightest movement, it might be time to consult an expert. You can’t let your motion sickness prevent you from traveling. Your doctor might have a better explanation and help you feel better on your next trip.

Determine what works and learn from each travel experience.

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