How to Keep Your Home Burglar Proof When Going on a Trip

Burglar Proof Home

What to pack, where to go and what to do on a trip are not just the things that you need to consider, but how to keep your home burglar proof too while you’re away. When the house is left alone during a vacation, thieves see this as the best opportunity for them to break-in. However, you can do something to make your home more secured from burglary and have peace of mind even while you’re away. Here are some tips on how to do this.

Don’t Announce About Your Vacation

Social Media

You may feel really excited going on a vacation and many people can’t wait to share this on social media. What they don’t realize is that this could cause their home to be a target of burglary. How? The information you shared may reach a burglar and since they would know that you’re going on a holiday, they might get in your home because they know that no one’s around. You can always post about your trip once you get home. Plus, you’ll have the photos to share with your network too.

Ask a Trusted Person to Stay in Your Home

Since houses without people are often easy target for thieves, why not ask a trusted friend or family member to stay in your house while you’re on vacation? If you could find someone who would agree to do this for you, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that a person you trust is looking after your home. You’ll be able to enjoy your vacation more because you don’t have to worry about your home’s security.

Use Timers to Make Them Believe Someone’s Home

If you can’t find someone to look after your house while you’re on a trip, you can trick people into thinking that you’re home. Set timers so that the lights inside the house will turn on and off at a specific time. To make it even more believable, you may also set the television to automatically turn on at a certain schedule.

Keep the Front of Your House Well Lit

Turning on the lights in front of the house is as important as turning on the lights inside. Burglars are more confident sneaking when it’s dark because there’s a smaller chance that they would be caught. To prevent this from happening, timers can also be used to automatically turn the lights in front of your house when it turns dark. Another option is to have motion detectors installed, which would also automatically turn on the lights when movement is detected.

Make Security Signs Visible

Home Security

Let burglars know that your home is protected with security system. Even if you don’t really have alarms or security cameras installed, there’s no harm posting a sign that you have them so thieves would have second thoughts entering your property. There are also fake security cameras that you can purchase for cheap and place in front of your house to make it look like it’s more secured.

Double Check Doors and Windows

This is a very basic thing that many people still fail to do. Make sure to check on your doors and windows to determine if they are in their best condition. Any damage, no matter how small it is must be fixed immediately as this could make it easier for burglars to get in. This is also true with your garage door, especially if it serves as an entrance to the main house. Lock them properly on your way out to prevent easy access from unauthorized people.

Remember these things when going out on a trip so that you can keep your home burglar proof while enjoying your holiday.

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