Reasons for Visiting Armenia

Armenia Church

If you’ve not heard of Armenia, it’s due to being one of the most underrated destinations on Earth. This hidden gem has a lot to offer and is worth visiting. From its rich cultural heritage to the warm smiles of the locals, you have tons of reasons to go there. Here’s more to add to your list.

You can take the longest ropeway

Armenia is known for its unique and stunning architecture. The Tatev monastery is one of the must-see places. It’s not only the monastery that will excite you, but how you will get there. The longest ropeway at about 3.6 miles is the longest in the world, and it’s what you can use to visit the place. Of course, it’s worth doing if you consider the breathtaking view. However, if you have fear of heights, it might not be for you.

You can dip in the inverted sky

The Lake Sevan is found in the mountainous regions. The location is too high that it seems like you already touch the sky when you sit on the water’s surface. The lake is also probably the biggest in the entire Caucasus. The best part is it’s also among the cleanest waters in the world. During a hot summer day, you can take a dip and cool down.

It offers the best dishes

If you’re into ancient cuisines, you will find flavorful choices in Armenia. With the diverse options containing tons of spices and herbs, the dishes will overwhelm you. Try the matsun, which is a low-calorie soup made from Armenian yogurt. You should also try the traditional kyufta or meatballs. Armenian barbecue or khorovats are also worth it.

Buy a pretty carpet

Armenian Carpet

If there’s one thing Armenia is known for, it’s for the carpets woven by the locals. Using a traditional technique, these carpets are of top quality. You can’t go home without buying these stunning creations. You may also head to factory Mgeryan Karpet if you want an array of jaw-dropping designs. 

Taste the best water in the world

You might think that there’s no point in ranking water since it probably tastes the same wherever you go. However, if you visit Armenia, you will realize how special the water is. The secret is the water source. Everything comes from natural sources. You will also find water fountains everywhere you go. Anyone can avail of the cold and free drinking water. You will never find one anywhere in the world.

Given these reasons, it’s time to visit this country now. situated near Turkey and Georgia, it’s easy to miss Armenia. However, once you go there, you will realize how stunning it is. You will also discover more of its rich tradition as you start traveling. Don’t forget to interact with the locals. They will welcome you with open arms. They will also love to teach you a few words in their language and appreciate your efforts. Who knows? These words will come in handy if you want to haggle on your next street shopping experience.  

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