Reasons Not to Attract Attention When Traveling to a Different Country

Attracting Attention

When traveling to a different country, you have to try your best to maintain a low profile. It’s not ideal for you to attract attention. You don’t want people to keep looking at you, especially if you look different.  Try your best to blend in. As they say, when in Rome, act like the Romans. These are the other reasons not to attract attention when traveling.

You don’t want to be a target of criminals

It’s easier for criminals to target people who don’t live in the area. They know that foreigners know nothing about the local culture. They also think that foreigners know no one, and have no connections with authorities. Therefore, if you stand out as a foreigner, you could be an easy target. There are criminals lurking around and are waiting to commit crimes. You don’t want to be their prime target.

It’s awkward 

Imagine trying to visit different destinations and all eyes are on you. It would be difficult for you to move around and do the things you planned. It would be awkward since you know that people are checking your every move. Instead of enjoying the place, you end up being cautious that you might commit mistakes. 

You might get a different treatment 

You might get a different treatment

It feels good when the people around you treat you well. You will feel that they appreciate your presence. However, it could also go the other way. For instance, if you’re buying items in a local store, you might receive a different price. Some locals think that foreigners are capable of paying more. You end up spending a lot because you always stand out.

Things to do

If you don’t want to attract attention, try your best to look like the locals. Of course, you don’t have to make yourself look like that. However, you can wear the regular clothes that they wear. If you’re in a conservative country, try to be more modest with your clothing choices. If there are strict religious rules, you have to follow them. In some countries, all women are expected to wear a head cover. You should also do the same even if you’re not comfortable with that. 

Another thing you need to do is to pretend that you’re not a tourist. There could be some expatriates living in the area, and they usually don’t attract attention. It even helps that you learn a few phrases from the local language. 

Finally, you have to learn how to be polite. You might not appreciate all aspects of the culture. You also don’t like being too friendly with others. However, you can still be polite and kind to the people around you. Try to make friends with a few people so that if you get yourself into trouble, you know whom to call. The goal is to make your trip as smooth as possible. Avoid doing things that will put you in danger. You can learn from other people who visited the country before. They might give you some tips on what you have to do.

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