Staying Healthy When Traveling to Places that are Fascinating but Somewhat Polluted

Staying Healthy

There are a lot of places that are waiting for you to discover. The entire place might not be worth visiting, but there are certain areas or landmarks that you really want to see. As such, you decide to visit the place. Just because it doesn’t have a reputation of being the cleanest place out there does not mean you have to just cancel your planned trip. You can still go ahead, but you need to find ways to stay healthy.

Stay hydrated

There are places that are not only dirty, they are also hot and humid. When you face these problems on a daily basis, dehydration could happen really quickly. It is worsened when you are staying in a hotel without air conditioning. You have to be properly hydrated or else you will faint. You will also get sick easily. You have to drink 3-5 liters of water each day. When you are drinking alcoholic beverages, you need to drink more water.

Wash your hands all the time

Wash your hands

Since the place is not that clean, the air could be polluted. Your hands will get dirty easily. Therefore, you need to wash your hands all the time. Before eating, make sure your hands are clean. The same thing is true when holding rails in escalators or other public transportation options. Bring a hand sanitizer as well. Your face is also very sensitive so don’t touch it with your dirty hands.

Don’t drink tap water

When the water is not purified, it can cause diarrhea. You definitely don’t want to experience this when you are traveling. This could affect your entire trip. It is best to just stack bottled water in your hotel room and in your bag. Don’t buy drinks with ice since you don’t know what type of water was used in making the ice. You should also avoid fruit shakes and other drinks that are sold on the streets. Again, you don’t know if the water used was purified or not.

Eat only in popular restaurants

There is nothing wrong in trying out street foods. They represent local culture really well. The only problem is that they can also be very dirty. They are totally exposed on the streets. It is better to just stick with popular restaurants. The food they serve will definitely be clean. They won’t be popular if they don’t serve clean dishes.

Bring medicines from home

You won’t know what type of medicine is sold in the country that you are visiting. For sure, the medicine you need is there, but you are just not certain as the brands are different. The generic name might also be written in the country’s alphabets. You end up not having the right medicine and this could pose serious problems.

Again, it does not mean that you have to cancel your trip to these countries because they have the reputation of being polluted. You can still push through with the trip, but you have to be more careful.

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