Staying in a Hostel Won’t be a Problem if You Know What to Do


There are more people interested in backpacking these days. It is a cheaper way to travel to places. You might not be in your comfort zone during the trip, but you can at least several places at half the cost or even less. One of the ways in which backpackers save money is by staying in hostels instead of a luxury hotel.

Hostels are like dormitories where there is more than 1 occupant per room. You can choose the type of room that you think is suitable for you and the number of people whom you can share the room with. Usually, you will share the room with around 6-8 people. They are strangers and you will only meet them upon entry on the room. This is why you need to know what to do to ensure your safety during your stay.

Check the security of the place

You have to research about the location of the place. There are hostels located in crowded areas or risky neighborhoods. These are the hostels that you have to avoid. Aside from the location, you also have to check if they have security features such as a CCTV camera or a security guard. You can’t take the risk especially if you have never been to that place before.


Pick the right room

The rule of thumb in choosing a hostel room is that if you are willing to share it with more people, then you are to spend less. If you really are on a tight budget, then there is nothing wrong in sharing the room with 10 or more people. However, if possible, you have to choose a room with limited occupants. You don’t want to deal with several types of personalities at once. It could be a big problem and will make you less likely to enjoy your trip.

Keep your valuables

You are sharing the room with people you barely know. They might all look nice, but you can never guarantee that they are good people. To be safe, you have to keep your valuables. Make sure that your bags have locks. You should also rent a vault or a locker just for your valuables. Usually, hostels have an area where you can keep your things.

Bring earplugs

You need to be polite and respectful when you are on a hostel room. There are different individuals you have to share the room with and they may also have different cultural backgrounds. You can’t expect them to do the same though. Some of them might be very loud. They also don’t care even if you are already sleeping. There are others who wake up really early. To avoid being disturbed, try bringing earplugs. It will make you forget you are with other people.

Talk with other occupants

You have to be nice with other people on the room. Get to know them. Try asking questions or at least introduce yourself the moment you walk in. They will most likely be nice to you in return if you try your best to get along well with them.

There is nothing wrong in choosing a hostel if you are on a tight budget. Just make sure you choose the right place and possess the right attitude to avoid facing problems.

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