Tips in Improving Your Next Travel Vlog


Video blogging or vlogging is getting more popular these days. People love documenting their travel experiences and sharing it to the rest of the world. There are travel vlogs though that look like they were professionally done. They can get more views as people are glued into the videos up until the end. Here are some tips to improve your next travel vlog.

There’s no need to film everything

This is such a rookie mistake. Just because you are vlogging does not mean you have to share everything to the rest of the world. Perhaps, you can film a lot of them but not every footage is meant for public consumption. It’s not to say the other clips are bad, but they may not be interesting for others. Besides, when you are traveling, you want to feel the moment. Holding your camera all the time to film everything will most likely make you miss special moments.

Identify your focus

Vlog Focus

One of the most common ways people present travel vlogs is by arranging the footage chronologically. This works but it seems like you are pouring everything at once. The key is to determine your focus. If you want more people to appreciate what you have presented, focus on just one thing. It could be the interesting places or activities. You can create separate videos if you want to highlight on just one thing per video. It is like branding in business. You want to create a brand and not just be a jack of all trades.

Keep the videos short

Videos should be under 3 minutes only. As soon as you release a vlog that is way longer than that, they start losing interest. It is no longer a vlog but a documentary. Besides, the ability to capture the essence of the trip in a few minutes is a challenge. This tests how good you really are as a vlogger.

Don’t hide yourself

People want to see authentic vlogs. Showing yourself more often makes it more authentic. Don’t be shy to hide behind the lens and show just how involved you are in the experience. Talk to the camera and show your reactions. Just don’t make it all about you though as it could be annoying. Include other people in the video, especially the locals whom you interact with. Pop some questions or do fun stuff with them.

Keep the videos steady

People hate it when the videos are shaky. There are tools you can use to avoid shakiness even if you are in constant motion. Loud noise should also be avoided. Use a wind muff or do a test video first so you will know how loud the noise is. In the event that the videos are really shaky or the noise is loud, you can use editing software to avert the problem.

Choose the best music

Obviously, you need a great music video to capture the mood of your vlog. You want something that is upbeat if you are doing something fun and exciting.

Keep the vlogs interesting, fun and fresh. Look for a novel perspective especially if the place you’ve visited has been featured many times in the past.

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