Tips in Preparing for Your Child’s First Flight

Child’s First Flight

Traveling with the entire family can be very exciting. You create long lasting memories that will forever be cherished. The only problem is when you are flying to your destination. You can’t afford having those angry stares just because your child could not stop crying. Here are some tips to remember if you are flying with your child for the first time to reduce stress.

Don’t break your child’s nap cycle

Some parents would rather have their child awake the entire time while waiting for the flight so they will be asleep throughout the flight. It is not advised. There is a tendency that your child gets overtired during the flight and it becomes a nightmare even after you’ve landed. Keep everything under normal time from eating to sleeping. Imagine if you are traveling long distances and you end up feeling really tired upon arrival. Your child could feel worse.

Buy a seat for your child

Buy Seat Flight

Some airlines have a policy of giving free tickets to children 24 months and younger. You can avail of this promotion if you want to save money. You would just hope that there are vacant seats the moment you’ve made it inside the plan so you can be reseated there and have your child occupy a seat. You can’t expect this to happen though during peak seasons. The plane will always be full. Children who are already beyond 12 months are no longer comfortable sitting on a lap. They might also move frequently and this could be a problem. Buying a seat for your child is always the best choice.

Determine the airline policies regarding carry-on luggage

You don’t want to face this issue when you are about to fly. Find out if the airline allows you to check the stroller in without additional fees. Most parents would want to use the stroller even when they are inside the departure area. As such, you need to check if the airline can provide a gate check option. They will take the stroller at this time and have it kept on a separate cabin so you won’t have to worry about checking it in. If they require strollers to be checked in, you need to know how much it would cost you.

Avail of the seat selector option

When you are given the chance to choose the seats while booking for a small fee, take it. You don’t want to be seated apart because there are no more seats left. This is true especially during peak seasons. There are flight attendants who will help you find vacant seats that are next to each other and relocate you during the flight or ask some passengers to exchange seats with you so you won’t have to be apart. Again, they can try their best, but don’t expect people to just agree to the idea of being moved around.

Plan some activities for the flight

Your child might feel bored during the flight and this can cause some issues. When they are not sleepy but they have nothing to do, it is when they start feeling irritated. Therefore, you need to plan activities. Bring books and toys. You can also download their favorite movies to keep their attention while flying.

The first flight will always be stressful. You have to prepare well for it.

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