Traveling Might Soon be More Expensive, and You Have to Prepare for It

Expensive Travel

The current pandemic has forever changed the face of the tourism industry. It seems like nothing is going back to normal anytime soon. Even if governments will start easing travel restrictions, it would still be a daunting task. The worst part is that your trips would be more expensive than they used to. 

Several airlines have closed

Due to the lack of passengers, several airlines around the world were forced to file for a bankruptcy. Others fully ceased operations and laid off their employees. It means that the competition has gone down. Remaining airlines also have to find a way to recover what they have lost over the past few months. Otherwise, they might also end up with the same fate as other airlines. These airlines have more freedom to increase the cost of their ticket. It’s not even about increasing their profits anymore. They just need to make up for all the months when they literally had no income.

A proof of income might be a requirement

A proof of income might be a requirement

Some countries have already started requesting for a proof of income for all foreign arrivals. Back then, even if a visa is required, most countries won’t ask for a proof of income. You might even have to leave a deposit upon arrival so that it can be used for hospitalization in case you get ill. If you don’t have that amount, you might be denied entry.

Apart from proof of income, you also need a comprehensive medical insurance provider. It guarantees the country that if you get sick, you can afford to pay the bills. Since some insurance providers are now asking for higher premiums due to the pandemic, you have to spend more.

You might need more connecting flights

The popularity of tourism in some places paved the way for the birth of rare flights. It means that if you want to visit some of the lesser popular places, you can just book a ticket go there. Some of these areas are no longer served by a regular flight, so you have to book more connecting flights. You might end up spending more because connecting flights or additional expenses.

Quarantine measures might still be required

Some countries require all foreigners to go on a 14-day quarantine upon arrival. They are afraid that even if only one tourist tested positive, it will lead to a sudden increase of cases in the community. Apart from being a huge inconvenience, it’s also costly. Quarantine packages for different hotels would cost you a lot of money.

Another downside is that you might have to request for more days off from work. Not everyone is capable of asking for at least 14 days to go on a trip.

In short, traveling in the near future might be close to impossible if you don’t have sufficient funds. If you still want to go on a trip, you have to be financially prepared to do so. Otherwise, you have to wait until things get better.

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