Traveling to Vegas in Limited Budget is Possible

Las Vegas in Limited Budget

Las Vegas is one of the most fun places in the world. It is like the Disneyland for adults. It is also considered the sin capital of the world. You can do almost anything you want when you are in Vegas. There is a caveat though. You need to have money. Otherwise, you will be in big trouble. You are left in a place with tons of opportunities, but you can’t do anything. The good thing is that there are certain activities that don’t require you to spend loads of dollars. You just need to find the right places.

Book your ticket on a Sunday morning

You might not know this secret but if you are flying to Vegas and you have booked your ticket on a Sunday morning exactly 3 weeks before the trip, you will save more money. You can get extra 11% if you are playing the dime slot machines.

Don’t bring a lot of things

Vegas is the place to be for short weekend trips. It is not really the place you visit for long vacations. If you only have carry-on bag, you will save a lot for the luggage checking fees. Leave things at home you won’t probably use. Just bring your devices, walking shoes and casual clothes for a day or two. There are street arts and museums that you can visit for free. Go there in your smart casual attire and you will surely blend.

Don’t go during peak seasons

Always remember that hotel prices in Vegas go up if there are conventions. Check the calendar and make sure there are no conventions or any other big event coming up on the dates that you are heading there. Hotels won’t have second thought spiking their prices up when in regular days, some rooms can even be booked for just $40. Spring and autumn are the best times of the year to visit Vegas if you want to avoid the crowd and save more money.

Get fresh air

red rock canyon

Aside from the casinos and hotels, Vegas has a lot more to offer. You can find the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. This is just 17 miles away from Vegas. You can walk or bike around the area and see breathtaking rock formations. Go there during the sunset and the photos you will take are definitely one of a kind.

Be wise in choosing where to eat

There are several options when it comes to buffets and in-house restaurants around the city. However, the price can be very high. The best way to afford them is by buying food during the meal transition period which is after lunch time or after rush hour at night. This is when they won’t mind giving you a low price for the same service.

Las Vegas is a great city and you should visit there when you are loaded with cash. The possibilities are limitless. However, if you think that the time when you are filthy rich won’t come but you still want to visit there, follow the tips mentioned.

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