You Need to Avoid Leaving Extremely Negative Reviews

Negative Reviews

There’s nothing wrong in making reviews after traveling to a different place. In fact, people would appreciate your efforts to leave a review. It serves as a guide to those who are yet to visit the places you’ve already visited.

Don’t hesitate to say great words if you had a genuinely positive experience. You want others to also have the same experience as you. However, you need to be cautious when you leave a negative review. 

It doesn’t mean you have to be fake and only show the nice things. You can still be objective in presenting your reviews without necessarily being too harsh. 

Some places rely on the tourism industry

If you visit a popular destination, even with your negative review, people will still continue their plans to visit. They have already made up their minds even before you told them your horrible experience. Even if you successfully turned some people off, the city will still probably survive. However, there are small destinations that rely mainly on tourism. Avoid discouraging people from visiting the place since it could have a huge impact on the locals. 

Tell the concerned people right away

If you had a negative experience with the hotel, you can directly speak with the manager to address your concerns. There’s no need for it to go beyond closed doors especially if your concerns were already address. The same thing is true with the other places you’ve visited. Sometimes, the experience was bad because of one or two employees. It doesn’t represent the entire business or the whole community. The actions to be taken by the management is on their discretion. The point is that you allowed the concerned individuals to know about what happened.

Some establishments might not survive 

It could hurt your reputation too

If you leave a poor review of a restaurant or hotel, it could disrupt the entire business. It’s true especially if it’s locally-owned and only tourists keep it alive. A single negative review could kills the entire business. Just look at it in the perspective of movies. Bad movie reviews made by only a handful of critics could significantly affect the box office numbers. However, these movie studios will probably survive a flop. Local businesses won’t. 

It could hurt your reputation too

Some people might respect your opinion since it’s based on experience. Not everyone will see it that way especially with the manner of delivering the message. For some readers, you’re being a jerk. Since there’s no way to verify your account of what happened, your reputation could be on the line. Therefore, you need to be cautious with every work that you leave on review sites. Be honest and straightforward, but there’s no need for vulgarity and rudeness. 

It’s a noble thing to let others know your experience through a review. You deserve commendation for spending enough time so that many others will have a better experience in the future. Just choose the right words. Read your reviews many times before publishing them.

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