Don’t Let Social Media Ruin Your Trips

Social Media

When you want to know about different destinations, it’s easy to look them up on social media. You will see pictures and details based on the travel experiences of other people. While it’s great that information is readily available, it can also cause some problems.

With social media, you already have an expectation about the trip. You get riled up because other people presented the destinations well. In reality, they managed to capture simple photos and edited them to look great. When you get there, you will feel disappointed. Social media will twist the reality and ruin the trip.

Another problem with social media is you always have the urge to post updates. You even start a livestream of your trip. Instead of enjoying what’s in front of you, you’re busy taking pictures and videos. You even spend time editing them before posting. Your priority is getting likes and views. You can’t let social media dictate how the trip will be like.

Post photos later

Post photos later

There’s nothing wrong in posting your vacation photos on social media. However, it doesn’t have to happen in real time. You can take several photos and post them later. You can wait until the end of each day or when you’re back home from the trip. You can also take as much time as you want to edit these pictures before posting anything. When your friends respond, you have more time to engage with them.

Think about having a unique experience

While you can see tons of photos and videos about the destination online, you can still have a unique experience. It doesn’t mean you will lose excitement because you already know what to expect. Be in the moment and you will realize how wonderful the trip is. You will also appreciate every place you visit. Check the pictures of your destination before traveling for information purposes. During the trip, forget about what you’ve researched and focus on having fun.

Go with the flow

Planning the detail of your trip helps a lot. It also avoids potential issues. However, there’s also a value in going with the flow. Allow yourself to immerse in the experience. If you get lost, it’s okay. It can be a part of your exciting adventure. If you wish to document the trip, including the unexpected ones, it’s even better. You may choose to share the details on social media, but you’re not obliged to do it. Forget about other people and the idea of pleasing them with your posts. You travel for yourself and to gain tons of experiences. It’s not about how many views you’re getting with every post. Learn to laugh at every glitch and learn from these mistakes to improve the future travel plans.

Social media has created unrealistic travel expectations among the younger generation. They can no longer enjoy the experience as they should. It shouldn’t be that way. Trips are fun and enriching. Keep planning your next trips since there will always be something new to learn.

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