This Year’s Summer is Hotter than Ever. Here’s How You Can Enjoy While Having a Vacation.

Summer Heat

If you’re not a believer of global warming, then it is perhaps time for you to visit tropical countries and experience the heat. Due to their geographic location, these countries experience a hot weather all year round. It is just amplified during summer. This year though, summer is way hotter. In Bangkok, Jakarta and Manila for instance, the temperature has reached 37 or even 38 degree Celsius in the past weeks. This is not even considering the heat index, which could go way higher.

Those who are coming from colder regions of the world, the idea of experiencing a summer vacation is great. They can finally get away from the usual low temperature. The recently recorded temperatures though might come as a shock. Imagine coming from a place where the temperature is below zero and suddenly, you head to a place where it can even reach 40. The thought of hitting the beach is still irresistible though. Therefore, if you are planning to have a vacation in any of these tropical countries this summer, there are a few things that you need to consider.

Apply sunblock

You might want to get that beautiful tan after walking under the sun for several hours. Though this is a good idea, it could also lead to skin problems. You might experience sunburn, and this is not a good feeling. You should also understand that overexposure to the heat of the sun may lead to problems that would require long term treatment. You don’t want to suffer for months in exchange of several hours of fun under the sun.

Stay hydrated

There is an increase in reported cases of heat stroke especially during summer. There are people who just couldn’t adjust with the changes in the weather. After walking outside for some time, they end up with breathing issues and increase in blood pressure. To stop these problems from happening, you need to stay hydrated. It replenishes dead cells in your body and keep your organs in perfect condition.

Plan your activities

There are certain hours during the day when the temperature is slightly lower. You need to make the most out of this opportunity to enjoy the summer without necessarily experiencing skin problems. When the heat is tolerable, you can walk along the seashore, shop in street markets, or dine in an outdoor restaurant. You should also plan the best route where you will pass by shades while walking instead of being constantly exposed to the sun.

Decide what night activities to do

Night Activities

If you really can’t take the heat during the day, then go out at night. In tropical countries, the temperature won’t drop that low in the evening. In fact, it is just perfect for nightlife. You can head to the bar and party all night long. You may also join seashore parties. Romantic dinner facing the bay may also be an option. You can also visit places you haven’t visited during the day at night.

Traveling to tropical countries can be very fun and exciting. There are endless activities for you to do. In fact, a week won’t be enough for this trip. The only thing you need to remember is that summer today is not the same as summer before. Therefore, you need stay protected.

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