Why Do People Have “Expectations Versus Reality” Frustrations When Traveling?

Expectations Versus Reality

It’s quite common for some people to feel disappointed when visiting some tourist destinations. The place didn’t match expectations and wasn’t as enticing as one would hope. There are plenty of reasons behind these “expectations versus reality” frustrations. You should understand them to avoid feeling the same way on your next trip. 

Don’t believe everything you read online

It’s easy to fall for positive and glowing reviews about tourist destinations. They seem perfect for your next holiday trip if you ask some people who have been there. The truth is that if there are varied reviews, and mostly terrible, you probably shouldn’t go there. The glowing reviews might be from paid individuals. The information provided isn’t necessarily true, but could be useful in boosting the place. It also applies to restaurants, museums, and other places. These are businesses, and some owners are willing to pay the price for promotion. It doesn’t mean you should ignore reviews. You should just be more cautious in believing everything you read and try to check as many reviews as you can

The place isn’t connected to your passion 

You might visit places because people told you they’re worth visiting. The problem is that these people don’t share your passion and interest. For instance, you might read good reviews about an outdoor location. The words are so enticing and you can’t wait to go there. The problem is that you’re not an outdoorsy and adventurous person. Regardless of how beautiful the place is, yup probably wouldn’t like it. Art galleries also receive positive reviews from artists and people who are passionate about arts. If you’re not one of them, these galleries will look boring to you. The key is to find a destination that matches your interest to avoid frustration. 

You arrive at the wrong time 

You arrive at the wrong time

Some places look amazing in photos, and they really are fascinating. The problem is when you go there at the wrong time. For instance, some century-old temples look great. When you arrive there, it’s crowded. Even if the place looks good, you won’t appreciate it at all. 

The same thing could happen if you visit a stunning outdoor location during a bad weather. You won’t see anything. You will only feel frustrated because you went through a long and exhausting journey to see nothing. The key is to select the right time to go to these places. Make sure you only visit during off-season so those areas won’t be too crowded. You can also visit early in the morning when there aren’t too many people yet. Don’t forget to research the weather on that day so you can cancel the trip if it’s not suitable. 

Sure, some places aren’t really as good as they’re advertised to be. However, others look great if you go there at the right time. You should research about these places first so you will enjoy your experience. It also helps it up don’t set a high standard to avoid frustration. 

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