Wroclaw: One of the Most Favorite Destinations in Central Europe


Wroclaw is the capital of the Lower Silesian Province in Poland. Different races ruled over the city resulting to its interesting mix of culture and architecture. It’s now one of the most important hubs of manufacturing, banking, and tourism in the country. With the various events that it hosted including the Euro 2012 Championship, it’s becoming one of the most favorite destinations in Central Europe of both local and foreign tourists. If planning your trip in this city, you can expect to see historic places, beautiful fountains, and fabulous nightlife. Here’s a list of the things that you shouldn’t miss on your travel to Wroclaw.

Beat the Heat at the Aquapark


This is one of the best places to go to if traveling with kids. It doesn’t mean that adults would not enjoy Aquapark because it’s actually a place that’s perfect for all ages. There are several recreational swimming pools with slides that are not only refreshing, but are also a treat to the eyes. Swimming isn’t all that you can do here as it comes with spa and massage services that would fly the stress and aches away. There are also shops where you can buy some stuffs, as well as cafes and restaurants for dining. You can literally spend a whole day of fun here.

Check Out Animals at Wroclaw Zoo

This is the oldest and the most visited zoo in the country. It was first opened in 1865 so not only you’ll see several species of animals, but you’ll also experience part of the history of Wroclaw. There are around 12,000 animals in the zoo that belong to over a thousand of species. The zoo is divided into different areas including the Rancho, Children’s Zoo, Ropes course, Zoolandia, Terrarium, Odrarium, Madagascar pavilion, and Africarium-Oceanarium. There are also drink and food outlets around the zoo so it wouldn’t be a problem if you feel like grabbing snacks or drinks.

Shop at Magnolia Park

This is the biggest shopping and entertainment center in the city. There are more than 250 shops to check out, services, restaurants and cafes. You’ll find everything here from branded clothes to gorgeous accessories. There’s also more to it than food and shopping. There are fountains and a lake, as well as playground and cycle paths. Different art and cultural events also take place here. This shopping haven is also quite a site. Its architecture, design and decoration are just fabulous!

Visit the Wroclaw Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Wrocław or also known as the Wroclaw Cathedral is one of the most popular tourist destinations and landmark in the city. It has neo-gothic architecture and it is also where you can find the biggest pipe in the country. This is the fourth church built on the site where it’s currently standing. St. John the Baptist is considered as the patron saint of the city, which is why this is an important church to the locals.

Relax at the Park

Park Szczytnicki, A/2791/194; PL, DS, powiat Wrocław, gmina Wro

Park Szczytnicki, A/2791/194; PL, DS, powiat Wrocław, gmina Wrocław, Szczytnicki Park; Kriskros; 04

There are many gorgeous parks to visit in Wroclaw. You will feel close to nature at the relaxing view. Szczytnicki Park is one of these parks and it’s the biggest in the city. This is where the famous 500-year old tree or the “grandpa” tree is located. The Japanese Garden is one of its prettiest parts. The Botanic Gardens is equally stunning.  You’ll love the tranquil environment the picture perfect surroundings. Another one is the South Park where you can have a nice walk while the cold wind is blowing your face.

Go to Hala Stulecia

Also known as the Centennial Hall, this is a historic place in the city. This UNESCO World Heritage Site that was built to commemorate the 100th year of the Battle of Leipzig. Today, various events and celebration take place in the hall, which attracts thousands of tourists.

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