You Can Avoid Getting Easily Tired When Trekking Through These Tips

Trekking Tips

Trekking is an activity that some people love and find easy to do, but others think it is extreme and they try to avoid it. If you were invited to trek by your friends, but you hesitate because you are afraid you will easily get tired, here are some tips to help you.

Choose the right footwear

There are shoes that are specially meant for trekking. Dont use your regular sneakers. Light hiking shoes are highly recommended because they can help protect your feet and at the same time are light. You wont get tired even if you decide to walk long distances. Mid and high-cut hiking boots are also a good option. Dont forget to bring slippers too. Once you reach a resting site, you would want to change your boots into something more relaxing.

Pack light

Pack Light Trekking

Another reason why you could end up getting tired is that you have a lot on your bag. Try to pack only the essentials. If you are not camping overnight, you dont even need to bring lots of items with you. Extra clothes, food, water and medicine would already suffice.

Take it easy

You are not in a competition while trekking. You dont need to be first in line. Walk slowly and walk within the pace that you can sustain. It is crucial to increase your breath but not to a point where you are already breathing heavily and sweating like crazy. Try to stop every 5 to 10 minutes when you already walked for about an hour or so. While resting, you can grab something to drink.

Choose the right food

Another reason why you could easily get tired is that you dont eat the right kind of food. You need to pack foods rich in calories to help sustain you throughout the journey. The number of calories also depends on your weight. However, you cant overeat or else you will feel stomach pain along the way. Find foods that are energy dense so that you dont need to bring a lot. Dried fruits, energy bars and peanut butter are highly recommended.

Keep yourself hydrated

Hydrating while you trek is very important. You need to drink half a cup of water every 30 minutes. If it is a short hike, you need a bottle of water. However, if you are walking long distances, you need to fill up several bottles. Water is the heavy object in your bag you wont mind carrying because you need it. Most hiking areas dont have safe drinking sites. If you dont have enough water, you are putting yourself at risk.

Hiking can be tiring, but it does not have to be. You can prepare well for the journey so that you will be physically fit as you commence. Even while you are already trekking, there are still some techniques that can help you avoid getting tired. You also need to try short distances first before heading to difficult terrains.

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