Zagreb: Where Old Town and Modern City Meet


The city of Zagreb in Croatia is now attracting more tourists all year round. Croatia is known for its sandy and gorgeous beaches. This is why many tourists typically head to its coastlines to enjoy the ocean and various water activities. However, its capital, Zagreb, is making a name in the tourism industry as more and more people are seeing what it has to offer. It has been around since the Roman times, which is why you could still witness its old grandeur with its medieval architecture. What’s good about it is that it also doesn’t fall short of all the modern things that thriving cities has to offer, including shopping, dining and entertainment. All of these can be experienced in the lower town. The upper part of the city makes up the old town that would let you go back through history, while the lower part consists of the new town, that bursts with all modern things. Here’s a list of the things to do on your visit to Zagreb.

Relax at the Zagreb Botanical Garden

Walking alone in the old town is already an experience as you would be brought back several years ago with medieval structures, red roofs and cobblestone streets. The lower town on the other hand has the hustle and bustle of the city life. If the exhaustion of all the activities on your trip gets to you, one great place to visit to make you feel relaxed is Zagreb Botanical Garden. It used to be a research facility for the Botany Department of Zagreb University. Today, it’s open to public and what you would see would take all the tiredness away. There are ponds with aquatic plants, bridges and thousands of different species of plants. There’s also another attraction nearby that you could check out. After exploring the garden, head to the Natural History of Museum, which is only a few minutes walk from it.

See the Zagreb Cathedral

Zagreb Cathedral

The Zagreb Cathedral or the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary used to be called the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The original cathedral was built in 1200s, although the structure that stands now was mostly built during the 13th century. This towering cathedral is the tallest building in the country. Its magnificent gothic architecture is also another thing that makes it attractive, aside from its famous spires that were decorated in details. The treasury of the cathedral is also a must visit as it houses amazing religious objects, garments and arts.

Check Out Performances at the Croatian National Theatre

It was built in 1895 and it’s a popular landmark in the lower town of Zagreb. The Rococo and Neo-Baroque architecture of this building is quite a sight. That doesn’t stop there as the interiors is equally eye catching. Various artworks are also displayed including those made by famous artists like Ivan Meštrović and Vlaho Bukovac. There are also regular performances that take place in the theatre such as drama, opera and ballet, which you should check out.

Other attractions to visit on your trip to Zagreb are the Church of St. Mark, Museum of Mimara, the Modern Gallery, and Maksimir Park.

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