Prevent Motion Sickness of Your Next Trip with These Tips

motion sickness

Even for well-traveled people, motion sickness is such a huge hassle. The degree in which people suffer from motion sickness varies. If you are among those who experience motion sickness often, there are ways to prevent the problem from getting worse.

Choose the seat with the least movements

Whether you are riding buses, cars or any land vehicle, you have to be seated as close to the front as possible. This is where there is least motion. For boats and planes, it is recommended to stay in the middle area. There is more movement in front and at the back.

Let your eyes have a focal point

Don’t allow yourself to be easily amazed by the scenery as you pass by. Before you know it, you have already passed out due to dizziness. Keep your eyes steady in one area. It is suggested to look ahead instead of the sides. If it still makes you dizzy, look at an object and stay focused on that object. For those who are riding boats, looking up to the horizon is a good idea.

Just sleep

sleep travelling

Although this is not necessarily the best thing to do while riding especially if you are with friends and family, sleeping allows you to focus on other things and not on what you see. Of course, you will miss the fun during the ride. Just make it up when you have arrived at your destination.

Don’t read

This is a no-brainer. Reading a book while traveling only makes things worse. However, some people are fine if they read using their smartphones. If reading in general makes you dizzy, just stop doing it.

Cover your nose

This is a weird trick but it might work. For some people, it is not really the motion that makes them feel sick or dizzy. It is the smell. Once the smell of the vehicle combines with the smell of the food or even the air freshener used, it can be a recipe for dizziness. Bring a mask to cover your nose throughout the trip.

Treatment for motion sickness

If you have already suffered from motion sickness, the best way to treat the problem is by eating a ginger candy or drinking ginger tea. According to studies, they help reduce the effects of motion sickness and make you feel a lot better. Eating crackers also help if you pair them up with a can of cola.

Try some pills

There are pills that you can take to prevent motion sickness. They have to be taken prior to the trip though so that during the actual trip, the meds would kick in. The only problem is that you might feel really sleepy. Given that sleeping helps a lot to prevent motion sickness, you might as well take the pills. Another option is to try patches that you can wear behind the ear. They must be used at least 3 hours before the trip. They could remain effective for up to 3 days. You would also feel a bit drowsy.

No one wants to feel motion sickness as it is a horrible feeling. Using these strategies, you can prevent it from happening ever again.

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