Safety Tips When Meeting People in a Bar During Your Trip

Meeting People in a Bar

There’s nothing wrong in trying to get to know other people during your trip. You want to immerse in the local scene, and having small talks with others is part of it. When you’re at a bar, there’s a good chance that you will meet other people. It’s a place where everyone goes to have a good time. The problem is when you’re a foreigner, and you know no one in the area. These tips will help keep you safe and still have fun.

Don’t go alone

It’s important to be with someone else when you’re heading to the bar. It’s true if you intend to drink. When you’re intoxicated, you might not be able to think clearly. Therefore, it helps if there’s someone who can assist you. If you know a local, it’s even better. No one will attempt to harm you since you’re with a person who knows the area, and probably speak the language. Find someone you trust before you head to a bar. 

Don’t drink a lot 

Don’t drink a lot

Going to a bar only becomes an issue if you intend to drink a lot. Again, when intoxicated, it’s difficult for you to act correctly during untoward situations. Try to limit what you drink. Remember that you’re in a foreign place, and you can end up with problems if you got drunk. You know your limits, so you should stick to them. 

Plan how to get back home

If you stay in a hotel where there’s a local bar, you should go there. When you get tipsy or you don’t feel safe, you can easily head back to your room. If there are places across the street or anywhere near your accommodation, you should go there. However, if your hotel is far from the bar, you should have a plan on how to get back. You can ask a cab driver to pick you up at a specific time and bring you back to the hotel. While you’re still sober to make these arrangements, you have to do it. You can also use a ride sharing app. The drivers are subject to the company rules, and they won’t do anything to harm you. Just make sure you type the correct hotel address and hop into the right vehicle. 

The reason why you need to have a plan to get back home is that you might find people who will ask you out. Never say yes even if you feel like you can trust that person. Don’t trust a stranger whom you believe have good intentions. Even if you want to find love while traveling, it’s best not to go out with someone whom you met in a bar. Invite the person for lunch the next day or ask for contact information if you think your friendship could blossom.

Don’t be gullible 

You might have heard of stories about people who became victims of a crime because they believed a stranger they met in a bar. It can happen to you too. You might find someone who is good with words and make you believe something that’s probably untrue. Don’t be carried away with these words and always be on your feet. 

Again, it’s okay to go out and have a few drinks, but be careful when dealing with strangers.

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