Who Says Traveling by Coach Means You Need to Sacrifice Comfort?

flying coach

Flying by coach means you will be crammed up in a small area with lots of people in a small plane where you can barely move. This is even worse for single aisle planes. However, since you are trying to save money, you won’t mind hours of misery just so you won’t have to spend a lot. The truth is that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort by flying coach. There are ways to remain comfortable.

Book in advance

When you book in advance, you can choose where you want to sit. There are prime seats when you fly coach. There are websites that help you determine which area would be perfect depending on the airline or type of plane used. Areas next to ports, exits and lavatories are usually spacious. You would love to be there just so you can stretch your legs or sleep comfortably. If you were not able to do that, try speaking with the person at the check-in counter. Ask if the location where you wish to be seated is still available. If the flight is not fully booked, you might be lucky to get one.

The best place for sleeping

If you really want to sleep during that flight, it is recommended to sit away from lavatories and emergency exits. They are always the busiest. Avoid places where there are partitions between cabins. These are areas where they usually seat people traveling with babies. You don’t want to be near there in a long flight. You might also want to be near the window where you can see fewer lights. Bright lights can disrupt your sleep and so is the screen from the entertainment system. You better turn it off.

Sit in front for connecting flights

Sit in front for connecting flights

If you have a connecting flight, you would want to get out of the plane as soon as the door opens. You can’t do so if you are at the back. It would take forever for some people to get their bags and leave. This is true especially if the plane only as one aisle. You might miss your flight even if the plan arrived on time. You can be considered for a front seat if you have a connecting flight. Just inform the cabin crew or the counter in advance.

Location is key

Choosing the best seat in a plane is like choosing a real estate. It is always about location. You can now sit back and relax once you have the best location in the plane. Of course, don’t forget your neck pillow, eye mask, warm clothes and ear plugs so the trip will feel like you are just at home.

There is no need to fly business class if the price difference is so big. You just need the right place in the coach area and you will feel as if you are traveling first class. Besides, if you are only flying for a few minutes or an hour, it makes no sense to splurge.

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