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The Hidden Destinations All Over Europe

Europe is a huge place with a storied history. It’s been torn apart, reformed. It’s been passed from emperor, to kings, to queens alike. Because of this history, Europe has become a haven for hidden secrets. There are towns and villages that are considered hidden gems in Europe. However, not all of them have been

Climbing the World’s Best Mountains

Mountaineers from all around have traveled the world for that new thrill. Of course, while every hobbyist’s dream is to climb Mt. Everest, there are other mountains which pose a bigger challenge for an even more beautiful reward. Finding these mountain climbs may require a little more work on your part, but they are worth

The Top Cities to Visit around the World

From small cities cut up by several blocks, to huge metropolises, there are so many destinations around the world that are made up of concrete and skyscrapers. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they’re all great to live in because many great cities can have high living costs. Sometimes being a tourist and taking a

The Top Forests Around the World

Forests are a marvelous piece of landscape. They can be deep and thick or thin and sparse; in both cases, they’re still beautiful things to walk through and watch. Of course, since we’re running out of heavily forested areas, a good woodland background is becoming harder and harder to find; but they aren’t all gone

The Top Sunsets Around the World

Ever since the first color cameras came out, photographers from all around the globe have tried to capture the beauty of a sunset. From the mountain tops to the lowest valley, sunsets are always a special thing, but there are places that hold more unique kinds of dusks. It could be that they have unique

A Few Global Hotspots for Photographers

Photographs are meant to convey many things. Firstly, the image and moment itself and how it looked under a certain kind of light. Secondly, they’re also meant to convey emotion and ambiance all within 1 frame. While all places have picturesque villas, riversides, and forests, sometimes going to another part of the world might reveal