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The Top Vacation Spots in the Middle East and Africa

While there parts of the Middle East are torn with war and conflict, the place’s beauty remains almost unaffected. Planning a vacation to Middle Eastern locales isn’t that difficult, and it finding the right place might actually give you that special feeling of newness. While you will be surrounded by desert most of the time,

The Top Wildlife Escapes for Nature Lovers

Nature is gorgeous and often times a photo cannot capture the epic beauty of the world in motion. Of course, a wildlife escape isn’t exactly the wildest kind of outing there is. In fact, over the years, these kinds of trips have gotten saturated with tourists and other foreign explorers. Sometimes you have to go

Travelling the World Alone

One of the reasons why travel is fun is because the whole process can be fun with friends. Sometimes, however, solo travel can mean a lot more than you think. People are rarely alone nowadays; the internet makes it impossible to not connect with the others online. Social networks can distract people and they constantly

The Foodie Locales to Eat at Before You Die

Foodies can travel too, and that’s a fact. There are so many different cultures and kitchens out there that serve so many kinds of cuisine. Of course, not everyone can go around the world on a whim. So for the person with discerning taste, here are some of the best foodie locales from around the

Strange Destinations: Weird Places you might want to Visit

The world is filled with weird places and people, but sometimes, they’re so hidden away that it can be hard to enjoy their unique splendor. Of course, that beauty isn’t exactly for everybody. Some are frightening, while others are gorgeous when you take a chance to walk through them. So, if you’re interested, then why

Tips For The Travelling Family

Travelling with family is tricky. As a young couple, going to your favorite destinations can seem easy because of your youth. If you’re alone, or with friends, it can be a fun experience. Family vacations can still have both elements, but it can get very complicated very quickly. If you have toddlers mixed with babies,

The Creepiest Places All around the World

So, Halloween’s on the horizon and you’ve got some ideas for some trippy home decorations. However, annual fright fests in the same community can get a little boring. Sometimes trying something new can be exciting, so why not explore the world? There are tons of scary locales out there, and some of them really hold

Top Hidden Gems of the Americas

The northern part of the Americas, excluding Canada, has a big reputation. The US is known as the land of the free and the home of the brave. However, this isn’t the whole of America. There are the southern parts where a majority of people speak Spanish. Then there are the northern parts, where English

The Hidden Destinations All Over Europe

Europe is a huge place with a storied history. It’s been torn apart, reformed. It’s been passed from emperor, to kings, to queens alike. Because of this history, Europe has become a haven for hidden secrets. There are towns and villages that are considered hidden gems in Europe. However, not all of them have been