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Experiencing the Night Markets in Bangkok

Shopping is one of the many activities that lure visitors to Bangkok. But aside from the numerous shops you can find in the city’s shopping districts, the other thing that attracts visitors is Bangkok’s night market. Indeed, it could be an experience like no other, depending on your perspective.  Here are some of Bangkok’s vibrant

Haggling Tips When Shopping in Markets and Bazaars

Shopping is definitely one of the things you look forward to when traveling to different countries. Huge shopping malls are not necessarily the best places to look into if your goal is to avoid spending a lot of money. There are a lot of markets and bazaars in various cities where the prices of the

Tips to Shop Wisely in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is such a great place to shop. It might be a small city but it has everything you need. It is also a place where some of the hottest brands are sold at a lower price. This is why many people fly to Hong Kong just to get cheap items. When it comes

Best Night Markets in Asia

A popular tourist attraction in many Asian countries, night markets are known for selling local merchandise at low prices. Unlike brick and mortar stores where prices are fixed, items bought at night markets can be haggled and bargain, allowing you to get good value for your money. Apart from merchandise, local food is also a